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Childcare: your babysitter near you

Looking for a babysitter for your child? At Swissproservices, meeting the needs of the parent and the child is a priority. This is why we are committed to finding the babysitter you need, near you in Geneva.

Our baby sitters are indeed all qualified, experienced and truly passionate about the well-being of the child. Find out now our booking platform to find the babysitter that suits you.

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Finding the right babysitter

Knowing a trusted babysitter is not always easy, especially if it is only for a few hours a month. It is therefore important for us to facilitate all your procedures as much as possible by offering you a tailor-made reservation platform. This way, you can choose your babysitter for a few hours a month or full time. Ideal, if your little one is often sick, for example, and you find it difficult to plan ahead. Or, for all parents who work extra hours at work.

On the other hand, we are well aware that no one will care for your child better than you, but even if the perfect babysitter does not exist, we will find the one that suits you best. The person chosen will be a professional capable of meeting all your needs, yours, but also those of your child.

For lucky parents who already have a nanny, know that we can do whatever it takes to declare it. That’s what you’re here for! To simplify your daily life by managing for example the administrative procedures.

It is therefore in this logic that we apply a single rate: the price will be 42 CHF per hour, 8.1% VAT included for all our childcare services.

Childcare with peace of mind

Not easy to leave your little one for the first time… My child, will he cry a lot? Will he eat properly? Sleep at the right time? Not to mention this atrocious feeling of distance!

It is for all these reasons that we are committed to working only with qualified nannies as we said before. For this, a system is set up to select the best baby sitters in the Geneva region. We do systematically verify the experiences cited in addition to assessing his love for children.

Emphasis is therefore placed on his pleasure of playing with children, on punctuality, on the capacity for adaptation and learning. In addition, our babysitter will take note of your child’s habits and your instructions so that the collaboration is as clear as possible.

It is by acting as a real family player that our nannies will take pleasure in looking after your children. Do not hesitate to consult our other services: baby sitter, cleaning lady or personal assistance, your quality of life will change and your child will thank you!

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