Need a cleaning or maintenance service, or small jobs? Swissproservices offers the following facilities services

Whether it is a small or large-scale service, Swissproservices guarantees serious work carried out by qualified, salaried, declared and insured professionals. Click here to learn more about our company. 

Your time is precious, and we know it. Therefore, all of our employees share our goals of quality and efficiency. Specific cleaning services, cleaning before/after works, cleaning before/after moving and upkeep/maintenance, we have the service that will meet your needs.

And to ensure your peace of mind, we assume all of the employer’s responsibilities, from remuneration to insurance. Just choose the service that’s right for you, and we take care of the rest!

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our rates and get your free, personalized quote. All our prices include service and biodegradable cleaning products with the Swiss Ecolabel.

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Specific cleaning

For all your exterior cleaning needs, we provide high-pressure cleaning services. This type of cleaning is extremely effective for deep cleaning of moulds, mosses, lichens, leaves, and other encrusted dirt. Whether you need to clean your roof, your facade, your blinds, your awnings or your solar panels, we have what you need. Our professionals can also take care of the cleaning of slabs, cobblestones or natural stone floors.

Cleaning before/after work

Nothing is more daunting than cleaning after construction or renovation work! Fortunately, our professionals are there to help you. They have all the necessary equipment and specific products to quickly renovate the site after a site. Dusting surfaces, decluttering and evacuation of waste and residues, cleaning/washing of floors, walls, and ceilings, washing windows or eliminating paint stains: we meet all your needs.

Cleaning before/after moving

It is well known that moving is a source of stress. To ensure your peace of mind, we offer full cleaning and refurbishment services, whether it is your old and / or your new home. You will be able to recover your deposit and settle immediately in your new accommodation! Our professionals use more than 98% biodegradable cleaning products between 14 and 28 days, with eco-label certification and made in Geneva. 

If you are looking for a housekeeper in Geneva for regular service, consult our home cleaning services.

Services « facilities »

Are you looking for another type of service for your daily or occasional needs? Swissproservices offers a wide range of small jobs and services to save you time and avoid having to call on several providers. We can, in particular, provide you with maintenance and cleaning services for your swimming pool, assembly of furniture or even maintenance of plants. If you need a gardener in Geneva, you can also consult our garden maintenance services. In addition, our professionals specialize in small maintenance jobs and small removals.

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