Concierge services

Discover our building concierge services in Geneva.

Our Concierge Services:

  • Regular or periodic building maintenance
  • Maintenance of common areas, lobbies, landings, technical rooms, cellars, and outdoor or indoor parking areas
  • Management of laundry facilities
  • Cleaning after a fire or water damage
  • Post-construction and renovation cleaning
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Cleaning of oiled or varnished parquet floors, tiles, and resins
  • Window and glass cleaning
  • Elevator cleaning
  • Management, ordering, and replacement of lighting
  • Waste management (including taxed bags), disposal at the waste collection center
  • Providing personnel and construction site management
  • Cleaning and treatment of facades against moss and spiders
  • Cleaning and crystallization treatment of stone or marble floors
  • Cleaning and anti-graffiti treatment
  • Maintenance of green and outdoor spaces
  • Salt spreading and snow removal for outdoor facilities
  • Monitoring of technical installations as a preventive measure
  • Pruning, cutting, various treatments, and disposal of green waste for lawns, hedges, shrubs, trees, etc.

Your building concierge starting from CHF 299.00 per month, SwissProServices adapts to your needs and budget.

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